Stuart Woody Wood


Discography 1974-1982

Bay City Rollers Bay_City_Rollers

1982-1983 Karu (Karu Cuts)

1983-1989 Passengers (Gravy Train & Rule Of The Swallow)

1990-1992 The Bond (1 title 'Banging The Drum' released on album titled 'Fledgling')

1993-2003 Various (detail below)

REL CD's: Scottish Moods, Celtic Spirit, Glen Of Tranquillity, Panpipe Sounds Of Scotland, Christmas Panpipes, Scottish Moods 2

Sony CD's: Panpipe Sounds of the 50's, Panpipe Sounds of the 60's, Panpipe Sounds of the 70's,

EMI CD's: The Lone Piper, The Great Big Scottish Songbook (Several tracks).

2003-2014 The Music Kitchen Formation: once on site click 'On-line Shop' to see all albums

2015 The Music Kitchen had great success over the Christmas period of 2014 with mainly 2 albums "The Broons Jukebox Favourites" and "Oor Wullie Singalong Favourites " both these albums were in the HMV top 10 best sellers and Number 1 best seller in some .

Stuart has also moved into record distribution being one of 3 directors of Highlander Distribution. He is presently starting another new company which is in its infancy but with big plans !